Our Mission

To promote an alternate thought process to approaching current and prolonged economic and political issues, with the purpose of evaluating their implications on financial markets.

To fill the gap for holistic and unbiased coverage of economic and political issues currently left by conventional financial journalism, which is often constrained by social norms, laws or directives.

To provide forward-looking statements, analyses and sometimes non-socially conforming views to aid traders, investors, and the general public in establishing a wholesome view of current events and financial market health.

Our Objective

To cultivate a reader base that critically questions, and not only accepts, content produced by conventional financial journalism.

"It is wise to be suspicious of the motives or honesty of the people who appear to demand too much trust, for it is they who are deluding us to live in a lie" – on the misbelief that inflation is forever sustainable, on quantitative easing, on accepting increasing debt to be social a norm, , and on diminishing personal income.

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