• eMAM CopyTrade System
  • eMAM CopyTrade System

Become eMAM Master

One step away to be an eMAM Master

eMAM Master

Advantages of eMAM Master:

  • Identical analytics & advance statistics as your MT4.
  • Compare performance with other Master Traders.
  • Improving your trading strategies by watching and learning from others.
  • Easy to use Refined Online MAM System.

Requirement to be eMAM Master

  • Client will had to have a registered EssenceFX account.
  • Please make sure it is a sub-account that is used to apply for eMAM Master.
  • The minimum account balance to be a eMAM Master is USD $100.
  • Credit Bonus account is not able to apply to be a eMAM Master.

Existing Client

Become eMAM Investor

Three steps away to be a eMAM Investor

eMAM Investor

Benefits of eMAM Investor:

  • Save your time by having others work the market for you.
  • Let the Expert Masters trade for you.
  • Have total control over your eMAM accounts.
  • View analytic & advance statistics.
  • Easy review of Master's performance histories.

Requirement to be eMAM Investor

  • Client will had to have a registered EssenceFX account.
  • Only sub account are able to follow trade.
  • Credit bonus account is unable to request to be a eMAM investor.
  • Minimum account balance of USD $100 to request to follow.
    (Will be different depending on the minimum deposit set by each Master)

Existing Client

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